Friday, November 28, 2008

Of warriors, lovers and prophets by Max Du Preez

Of warriors, lovers and prophets by Max Du PreezOf warriors, lovers and prophets
Author: Max Du Preez
Format: Paperback

There’s the story of the Khoikhoi chief who was kidnapped and taken to England in 1610.

And of King Moshoeshoe’s mercy towards the cannibals who had eaten his beloved grandfather, because killing them would defile his grandfather’s grave.

There’s the story of Boer War general Christiaan de Wet and his brother Piet, who joined the British forces and fought his own people.

The stories span the centuries, up to recent times, and take in the variety of South Africa’s regions and cultures. The result is a fascinating mosaic of our rich historical heritage.

There are plenty of academic histories of South Africa, but this is a book that the general reader will enjoy, and it will appeal to tourists too.

It’s researched with an investigative journalist’s thoroughness, and written in the easy, accessible style that has made Max du Preez’s writing so popular.

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