Sunday, November 2, 2008

Girl in High Heels by Ellouise Moore

Girl in High Heels by Ellouise MooreGirl in High Heels: Intimate Confessions of a London Stripper

Author: Ellouise Moore
Format: Softcover

Girl in High Heels is Ellouise Moore's totally indiscreet and very sexy account of her time working as a stripper in London.

Her career began at a glamorous well-known West End club, where she danced for celebrities and was soon singled out as one of the owner's favourites. She then moved on to work at 'gentlemen's venues' in the East End.

Her childhood was spent winning prizes for ballet at her grammar school, but she never thought that one day her dance skills would help her become a hugely successful stripper attracting the attention of rich, powerful men and earning thousands of pounds a night.Following her transformation from a naive and slightly awkward ordinary girl to a confident and sexy stripper, Girl in High Heels reveals all the glamour and gossip - as well as the horror stories - from the world she soon found herself immersed in.

We learn about the other girls and how they got into the industry, the bitchiness and rivalry, and the illicit sex and hands-on dancing with clients.

She describes the various types of clients she danced for: the reluctant, blushing men dragged into the club on their stag night, the regulars who imagined she was their girlfriend, and those with less savoury paedophilic tendencies that she quickly learned to avoid.

Then there's the guy who paid for her boob job, and the fellow lap dancer turned stalker who made her life hell. And we see how Ellouise managed to juggle her ordinary life - that of boyfriends, friends and family - with her very unconventional job.

Candid and explicit, Girl in High Heels is a compelling memoir from a girl who through her career as a stripper really has seen it all.

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