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Joan Collins Biography by Graham Lord

Joan Collins Biography by Graham LordJoan Collins Biography
Author: Graham Lord
Format: Softcover

Joan Collins remains one of the most famous and popular women in the UK - even in her seventies, she can still command a 100,000 fee for a brief appearance in one of M&S's TV ads.

'Men like her because she is beautiful, sexy, sassy, funny, naughty and intelligent,' says Lord.

'Women admire her because she is stylish, elegant, strong, positive and independent, a feisty old feminist who is nevertheless extremely feminine and even in old age she is able to attract handsome young men.

And gays adore her so much that she has become an international gay icon.'

Her acting career includes a score of unmemorable or memorably awful movies (THE STUD and THE BITCH based on the novels of her sister Jackie), her notorious role as Alexis Carrington in the series DYNASTY, a famous series of hilarious Cinzano TV ads with Leonard Rossiter, as well as many stage roles in London. But these do not begin to explain the extent of her fame. The men in her life - and her marriages - make headlines, and she is currently married to Percy Gibson (33 years her junior).

This fascinating and revealing biography shows how she has become such a popular figure and remained a sex symbol to so many for such a long time.

It is the definitive word on the ultimate icon.

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