Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Introduction to business management by B Erasmus

Introduction to business managementIntroduction to business management
Author: B. Erasmus; G. du Toit; J. Strydom
Format: Softcover

This edition of introduction to business management explores the dynamic organizational environment in which we operate.

The 24 chapters of the book clearly explain management principles such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling and also examine in-depth the functional areas of human resources, marketing, public relations, financial management, operations management, and purchasing and supply management.

An exciting addition to the seventh edition of introduction to Business Management is the introduction of a value chain approach. Supply chains and value chains are complementary views which focus on the flow of products and services in one direction and the value that is generated in the eyes of the customer flowing back.

Creating a profitable value chain requires therefore a careful alignment between what the customer wants (through the demand of the value chain) and what is delivered via the supply chain.

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