Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marley and Me by John Grogan

Marley and Me by John GroganMarley and Me
Author: John Grogan
Format: Softcover

The film tie-in edition to coincide with the major new movie MARLEY & ME, starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.

A huge international bestseller, MARLEY & ME is the heart-warming and unforgettable story of a family in the making and the wondrously neurotic dog who taught them what really matters in life.

John and Jenny were just beginning their life together. They were young and in love, with a perfect little house and not a care in the world.

Then they brought home Marley, a wriggly yellow furball of a puppy. Life would never be the same.

Marley quickly grew into a barreling, ninety-seven-pound streamroller of a Labrador retriever. He crashed through screen doors, gouged through drywall, and stole women's undergarments.

Obedience school did no good -- Marley was expelled.

And yet his heart was pure. Just as Marley joyfully refused any limits on his behavior, his love and loyalty were boundless, too.

A dog like no other, Marley remained steadfast, a model of devotion, even when his family was at its wit's end. Unconditional love, they would learn, comes in many forms.

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