Monday, October 8, 2007

Total Onslaught by De Wet Potgieter

Total Onslaught: Apartheid's Dirty Tricks ExposedTotal onslaught: Apartheid's Dirty Tricks Exposed
Author: De Wet Potgieter
Format: Softcover

For much of its time in power, the National Party government was bolstered by the direct involvement of its security forces. Ordinary citizens had no idea that their taxes were being used to fund unorthodox and even illegal operations, ranging from international propaganda campaigns to local death squads.

It was the government's total strategy against the enemy's total onslaught. Despite the efforts of a handful of intrepid journalists who began the process of uncovering the truth about apartheid, South Africa's recent history remains fraught with secrets.

Now, for the first time, investigative reporter De Wet Potgieter can reveal the truth behind some of the most enigmatic events in South Africa's past, from what happened during PW Botha's final cabinet meeting to the assassination of Olaf Palme.

These, and many other news stories of the time, are brought to light in this read.

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