Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brett Kebble: The inside story by Barry Sergeant

Brett Kebble: The inside story by Barry SergeantBrett Kebble: The inside story
Author: Barry Sergeant
Format: Trade paperback

When Brett Kebble was gunned down in his luxury sedan last September, police initially suspected he was the victim of a botched hijacking.

But within 24 hours of the death of this controversial mining magnate, no one believed that his death at the age of 41 was anything but a Mafia-style ‘hit'.

In the weeks that followed, sensational headlines laid bare Kebble's flamboyant lifestyle and unorthodox business deals, feeding frenzied speculation about who killed him, and why. In life, Kebble's image was that of an altruistic billionaire - patron of the arts, champion of black economic empowerment, urbane raconteur and generous host.

In death, he was exposed as one of South Africa's most cunning corporate confidence tricksters, a manipulative deal-maker who ran the major companies under his control as if they were his personal piggy bank.

In this title, the author investigates how Kebble maintained a R5-million-a-month lifestyle, despite zero visible income, and how he concealed hundreds of millions of rands of corporate debt. The title exposes many of Kebble's dark secrets for the first time, and explores his relationships with some of South Africa's ‘new elite'.

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